Cheshire Ring

Cheshire Ring

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About The Design

We hand make these from hand swirled TyDy Glow. That's right, each ring is hand swirled one at a time, hand cut, hand shaped, hand sized and hand polished. A lot of work goes into these and the result is 100% worth it. Without this attention to detail on each individual ring, the results vary far too widely and there is a large chance some rings won't come out the right way. That is why we take such a detailed approach to making sure each hand made product comes out to our high expectations

Sizing and Ordering

We make the rings in US sizes. Because they are hand made they won't ship right away. We estimate an expected ship date of 1-2 weeks depending on our backlog. 

If you don't know your ring size, please select "Send me a Sizer" and we will send you a ring sizer for free.